What’s in your mind is in your body, and
what’s in your body is in your mind.

Bojidar Gudev – Personal Trainer

1-2-1 Sessions

Individual 1-2-1 training is the absolute favourite part of my work and the pride in my career. This is because I offer a professional relationship to all of my clients, safe to work on their individual goals, explore their physical potential, and push themselves to achieve new personal bests.


It does not matter if you are struggling from chronic aches and pains, want to recover from an injury or get treatment for your scar after surgery, or are just looking for a relaxing massage to help fight stress. Soft Tissue and Remedial Therapy is designed to address all these issues.

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The Lifestyle Hub

With the Lifestyle Hub, you can join a session from any place in the world and get the extra support you need to diet and exercise. You will have the opportunity to join an online community with people on a similar path.  This program is an excellent opportunity to build a solid foundation and transform your lifestyle to a healthier and sustainable improved version!

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About Bojidar

Bojidar has always had a passion for sports which led him to become a Personal Trainer and specialise in recovery, rehabilitation, postural correction, and generally helping his clients to improve their bodies.

He started as a personal trainer more than ten years ago, achieving fantastic body transformations and drastically improving his clients' body compositions and lifestyles. But, learning more about the human body and the everyday struggles of every individual, he needed something extra to help them even further. So, he decided to study Soft Tissue and Remedial Therapy to address those issues and offer his clients better looking and more functional bodies to take on daily life confidently and pain-free.

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Latest Reviews

I talked to Bojidar after having bad experiences contacting other PT and he took the time to know my needs and my issues.

At the gym I was feeling out of place completely and self conscious about my body and he made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to believe in myself and my capabilities.

Day by day I saw how my strength was growing, how I could train with more weight and how my body was changing. How I went from not being able to look at the mirror at all to start looking at it and admire the changes.

He gave me the tools to keep going and not quitting, even after having breaks or even after lockdown.

He made me trust him because, even though he pushes me past my limits to challenge me, he never makes me do something that he knows I won’t be able to achieve.

Rocio Castro

Latest Reviews

I have trained with Bojidar for a few years now. Prior to training with Bojidar, I had never had a personal trainer before and was nervous about stepping into a gym, however he made me feel at ease. Bojidar has helped me to set goals, specially tailored to what I want to achieve that are realistic. He helps to keep me motivated and pushes me each session.

Since training with Bojidar, I have become fitter and stronger; exercises which were once challenging have become easier. My mindset has changed, as Bojidar has shown me my goals are achievable.

Bojidar is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition; he is also friendly, approachable, supportive and patient.

Bojidar really cares about his clients and helping them to achieve their goals.

I cannot recommend Bojidar enough as a trainer.


Latest Reviews

Boji has been training me for some eight years now. He tempted me away from the Personal Trainer I had at the time with a promise that he could take my physical development to the next level.

As I am a ‘hard gainer’, this has been a huge challenge for both of us. However, Boji maintained his enthusiasm, even when I questioned his methods (I am an incorrigible know-all).

Boji’s knowledge is vast and he constantly strives to expand it even further. Consequently, even after all this time, no two workouts are the same.

His nutrition knowledge is extensive, too, and he will tailor his advice to your body type and lifestyle.

Boji knows when you cheat! Whether it is in the way you perform an exercise or in your diet, he will know – so don’t try it!

At the age of 55, I am now in the best shape of my life. I am pleased to call Boji my friend as well as my P.T. and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their physical fitness.


Success Stories

Every client who fully commits to the process can achieve something truly astounding.

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